The One Where I Bought The Entirety of Bath&BodyWorks

Yesterday I popped into my local Bath and Body Works store to pick up a candle. I walked out with four (they were $10 off, so I’m basically saving money, right..?). Here’s a quick look at what I picked up.


Harvest Pear: This is the one I have currently burning, and my room honestly smells like I’ve been baking some kind of crumble. Sweet, but not too overpowering. 

Peppered Plum: Potentially the most ‘savory’ of the lot. Certainly nowhere near as sweet as the other three that I picked up. A real mellow, but fresh, scent with a teeny hint of pepper-y spice. 

Marshmallow FiresideNot as sweet as the name might suggest – I promise. Sweet(ish), but with that smoky, woodsy underlying scent.

Sweater Weather: I developed some kind of obsession with this candle last year, and it’s returned with a vengeance. In a similar way to Peppered Plum, this is a far more mellow scent than  Harvest Pear and Marshmallow Fireside.

Have you guys picked up any new candles recently? Let me know below! 


5 comments on “The One Where I Bought The Entirety of Bath&BodyWorks

  1. I just did a post (last week) about my recent trip to B&BW. The sale lured me in and I ended up ordering 12 candles…Oops. I guess I am now fully ready for fall! Xo

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