October Goals

It’s been a long old while since I’ve sat down and really evaluated my goals for a given month. But with the start of my new degree, there’s really no better time. Here’s what I’m hoping to achieve this month..

Keep on top of my school work: I’m literally a week into grad school and the work is already piling up. My aim is to not let myself fall behind, quite frankly. I’ve got a plan, which involves aiming to finish by about 8pm. Let’s see how that one goes…

Balance work and play: Leading off my last goal, I think it’s super important to get a good balance between my work life and my home life. And I don’t have that great a balance. I’m aiming to get the majority of my work done on campus, so that my room is a fairly stress-free zone, and to take the time to actually chill out. 

See the positives: This is one that I so often overlook, and have certainly found myself doing more and more over the past few months. This month, I’d like to view the positives in a situation more than the negatives. This is way more easily said than done, but I’m going to give it a good shot. Ways that I like to do this include noting down at least two things I’m grateful for at the end of each day – sort of a self-reflection. 

Do you have any goals for October? Be sure to let me know down below!  


1 comment on “October Goals

  1. I’m trying to organise and keep on top of all my uni work too! Good luck for your October goals!


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