Adding Color To My Wardrobe

As a human being who basically lives in black, white, grey, and occasionally navy, color is often lacking from my outfits. Instead, I like to (occasionally) add color to my via my makeup, my nails, and my accessories. Here are my current top color picks.


Any color that I do add to my wardrobe is done in a very subtle way. In terms of makeup, I might pop on a bit of blush just to pull a look together. I tend to use it in a c-shape on the very tops/backs of my cheekbones. For me, adding blush to the actual apples of my cheeks is a big no-no. My favorite product for doing this is the Blush Prodigé in 02 Soft Peach from Clarins. This muted peach tone really compliments my skin. 


It’s pretty rare that you’ll ever see me adding color to my lips. If I do, it’s got to be sheer and my favorite product for this is the Korres Lip Butter in Quince (the closest the USA store has is Pomegranate) In the pot, this color looks horrifying. But it adds the very slightest hint of hot pink to your lips, without being too in your face. 


Nail wise, I’m still fairly muted – I tend to stick to the blacks and greys, the nudes. Occasionally I’ll pop a hot pink on my toes, but recently I’ve been reaching for Avon’s Nail Polish in the shade Bittersweet, a burnt orange color that’s especially perfect for fall (the closest shade the USA store has is Terracotta). One coat does a pretty decent job, but two really gives a bit of a kick.


It’s the accessories, however, where I find color creeping in constantly – especially earrings. The majority, unfortunately, are either old Accessorize finds or came from French/Belgian markets. However, here, here, here, and here are my the top four pairs on my current earring wishlist (I have a problem, guys).

Are any of you like me and have a fairly plain wardrobe that needs a bit of color every now and then? How do you put color into your looks? Let me know below!


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