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A Few New Bits and Bobs – Midseason Haul

I cannot believe that we’re an entire halfway through October – the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler. Fall is here. Though I try not to buy too much stuff season to season, I’ve been faced with a few temptations recently. Here’s what’s new for me in the fashion and beauty world..



Let’s get this one out of the way first. There’s been a super big Glossier hype of late, and I have finally succumbed to the pressure. I eased myself in with three of the BalmDotComs and the Boy Brow, and holy smokes am I impressed. I usually find colored brow gels unbelievably difficult to match to my natural brow color, but picked up Boy Brow in the shade Blond only to be pleasantly surprised to discover it’s literally the perfect match for me. It’s great both on its own, or used with a powder/pencil combo. The BalmDotCom flavors that I picked up were Original (clear, unscented, great for use on lips and cuticles), Coconut (clear, a tropical coconut scent, great for use on lips [and cuticles, if you don’t mind the smell]), and Birthday Cake (clear with a slight shimmer, a sweet cake-y scent [but not overbearing], great to add a little more va-va-voom to the lips and even as a substitute for highlighter). The formula of these is so very smooth and so so moisturizing. I’m in love.



I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of black, skinny, high-waisted jeans for what feels like an absolute age. This weekend, however, Target produced. the. goods. Finally. I came across a pair of Mossimo High Rise Jeggings (really they’re just stretchy jeans) in a size 10L. Yes yes yes yes yes. I love everything about these – the length, the cut, the wash. Just yes. And they were under $30 too.


While I was in Target, I came across a load of scarves by the brand A New Day, and I just had to grab a couple. Both oblong in shape (as opposed to square), I picked up a navy blue scarf with very fine and minimal gold thread detail and a colorful striped scarf (seriously – pale pink, blush pink, mustard yellow, olive green, burnt orange and navy) which will be perfect to add a bit of color to my all-monochrome outfits. This scarf is far thicker than the navy one, so will be perfect for the winter months, I’m sure.


Finally comes the most immense pair of earrings I have ever seen in my life. These Picasso-esque, abstract face earrings are from H&M and I’m in love (I can’t find them anywhere on the website!). These aren’t for the faint hearted, and (fair warning) they’re pretty heavy. I cannot wait to wear these with one of my current go-to outfits: black skinny jeans, my ASOS striped shirt, and my favorite pair of leopard print boots. The perfect fall look, I think.


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