The Coffee Table Book Edit

Despite the fact that I am nowhere near owning a coffee table, I am acquiring quite the collection of coffee table books. Usually large in size, hard-bound, non-fiction, and full of beautiful photos, I can’t help but be drawn to them every time I’m in a bookstore. Here are four of my absolute favorites…

FullSizeRender.jpg-2 2

Facepaint” by Lisa Eldridge: This is one for any makeup fan out there. I love to re-read this constantly, and have genuinely learnt so much about makeup over the past 100 years each time I do. Also, just look at that cover! Coffee table worthy, or what?! 

FullSizeRender.jpg 2

Secret Journeys of a Lifetime” by National Geographic: Great for those of you who are super into travel. This book is full to the brim of pictures, documenting 500 of the world’s “best hidden travel gems.” Perfect for helping you to plan your next trip! 


Chez Moi” by Sarah Lavoine: A slightly smaller book, but certainly worthy of a place on anyone’s coffee table – especially anyone who’s obsessed with Paris and French culture (puts hand up…). This book is perfect for those of you who are interested in interior design too as Lavoine takes you through every room of the house. 

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The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking: A cult classic by now, right?! If I need a pick me up, this book, which is full of the Danish secrets to happy living, is my absolute go to. This book teaches you how to introduce Hygge into all aspects of your life, and I love it. 

Do you have any coffee table book recommendations? Be sure to let me know below! 


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