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The One Where Sweaty Betty had a Sale…

For those of you who are totally unaware, active wear takes up the majority of my closet – I have so much of it (I really should sort through it properly soon.). The other week, however, Sweaty Betty had a sale and I obviously had to take advantage of it. Here’s what I picked up.


Let’s start with bottoms: I grabbed two pairs of their Contour Workout Leggings and they are so damn comfortable. They’re made from a very soft, but silky, material and are thin enough that you aren’t sweating after 2 minutes, but don’t show your underwear. Perfect. I grabbed them in plain black, and a black/white/grey print.


As for tops, I picked up a sports bra and a t-shirt. The sports bra (the Tosca style) is literally cobalt blue. I think it’s potentially the most colorful piece of clothing I own..! That being said, it’s comfortable, yet supportive. You don’t feel as though your breathing is being restricted, but it’s not uncomfortable to work out either. The t-shirt is possibly my favorite thing ever. I wear it at all opportunities, both inside and outside of the gym. It’s white and on it, it says “Empowered Women Empower Women.” Preach it, Sweaty Betty. 


Finally, I picked up a foam roller. I’ve been after one for yonks, and finally bit the bullet. To make it even more aesthetically pleasing, this bad boy is a marble print. Definitely makes working out my muscle knots a little more easy..!

Have you guys picked up anything from Sweaty Betty recently? Where are your favorite places to shop for sports wear? Let me know down below! Be sure to click on the “subscribe/follow” button to stay up to date with all my ramblings. 


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