The One With The Christmas Tree Party – Blogmas #1.

Rather than attempting to balance blogging every day and finishing up the first quarter of my PhD, I’ve decided to do a weekly round up of all things festive. This week saw me panicking about school, lots of coffee, a panel on saving the ocean’s coral, and a christmas tree party…

The Great School Panic: Picture this. Monday afternoon, a paper you’ve so carefully researched but hit a brick wall on (due 8 days later), a meeting with your professor, “this isn’t going to go where you want it to go, I think you need to scrap it.” Hang on a hot second there. What?! Cue me having a minor (read major) meltdown, scraping the entire 12 pages that I’d written and starting from scratch. Good times. Fortunately, I’ve managed to find a related topic, so not all is lost. Good grief.

The Maple Soy Latte Hype: This week has been the week of maple soy lattes – I honestly think I might be keeping our local coffee shop in business! 


Chasing Coral: On Tuesday night, I was super fortunate to see a screening of Chasing Coral and a panel featuring Ruth Gates. Not to preach or anything here, but please, I urge you to take 90 minutes of your day to watch this documentary on Netflix & consider how we can help to save a dying ecosystem.

Decorating Trees and Getting Festive: Last night we held a tree decorating party at our house. I spent my life savings in Michael’s, buying everything we might ever need to make our own tree ornaments which, might I add, are now adorning the tree. So festive, and just what everyone needed as we head into finals week!

How was your first full week of December? Be sure to let me know below. Make sure you click ‘follow’ or ‘subscribe’ to stay up to day with all my (festive) ramblings!


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