What’s on my 2018 vision board..?: Blogmas #3

To help me visualize my goals for 2018 a little better, I ventured into the world of vision board making. There’s a bit of everything in there, but you’ll find a big focus on mental and physical wellbeing, as well as the great outdoors.  

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.21.18 PM.png

Out of the nine images on my vision board, four of them feature the outdoors specifically. These represent two states I’d like to visit (Oregon and Washington), as well as the beach, and Lake Tahoe in California. Last Spring and Summer I was on strict bedrest, meaningI missed out on peak hiking season in Massachusetts – I fully intend to make up for that this year! California, Oregon, and Washington have a load of great hiking spots that I can’t wait to explore. As well as this, and if my back allows, I’d love to get to Lake Tahoe to get some skiing in – my friend used to teach, and has offered to help me with the basics..

Two of the images are not so obviously related are the images of money, and the French language. Money-wise, I’d love to have a decent amount saved up. My friend is getting married back in the UK in 2019, and I’d love to not have to scrounge together the money for my flights! I’d also like to have a bit saved up for travel (at some point), too. Then the French. As part of my PhD requirements, I have to have a decent level of fluency in two foreign languages by the end of my third year. I’d love to have that done by the end of 2018, so I’ve been really working on pulling my French back up to scratch again.

Then comes the final three images – all related to mental and physical wellbeing, and on a greater level, being present; my big goal for 2018. The little heart made out of hands doesn’t necessarily represent love, but more happiness and a sense of confidence, of self, of positivity, of self-love, I suppose. The images of people meditating and practicing yoga reinforce how I intend to make this happen. I practice yoga regularly, but would love to up this a little more. Meditation works wonders in clearing my mind and creating focus, but I don’t meditate regularly enough.

Have you got a vision board for 2018? What’s on it? If you don’t, have you set any goals for next year? Let me know in the comments down below! Be sure to click the subscribe/follow button to stay up to date with my (currently festive) ramblings!


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