The Summer Nail Edit

Happy summer solstice! To celebrate summer finally reaching the U.K., I thought I’d do a quick round up of my top five nail polishes – one of which is currently on my nails as I type this.. Advertisements

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The Wedding Weekend

A couple Fridays ago, I had the absolute pleasure of watching two of my very dearest friends tie the knot. Aside from that weird feeling that comes when the first of your friends gets married and, y’know, makes you realize that you’re not 12 any more, it was honestly the most wonderful day. The speeches were […]

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May Empties

I literally cannot believe we’re in June. JUNE. Holy moly. I went through a fair few products last month, so grab a cuppa and something to eat because this is going to take us a little while.. 

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Spring Favorites

As we prepare to head into the month of June (JUNE?!), I thought I’d do a little round-up of my favorite things that the months of March, April, and May have had to offer. Grab a cuppa, a biccie or three, and get comfy…it’s a long’un. 

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Bridal Shower Vibes

If you follow me on Instagram (@bloggingkat), you’ll know that on Sunday I trekked up to the Cape for the day for my friend’s bridal shower. While I, unfortunately, don’t have any photos of the actual day itself to show you all, I thought I’d share what I wore – both clothing and makeup. 

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